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The Project Fan,

an equivalent name Project Fan in the pastIt is a Project and Event Management company that was established with the belief of giving its customers what corporate life has added to it and its own dedication, now in its own workplace.

20 years of experienceand corporate partner agreements with your projects 360 degrees The services you can receive are grouped under 4 main headings: Incentive-based events, domestic and international travel, corporate and individual travel consultancy, content services, and project and operation issues.

Corporate and Individual Event Management

Project Management and Consulting 

Content Management and  Strategies

Operational Solutions

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Corporate and Individual Event Management 

Service solutions are offered for all the events you want to realize at home and abroad.  What is included in the event?

Company and Institutional Events (Incentive events, Domestic and International events, Drama & Motivation events, All event services requested as marketing activities)

Individual Events (Wedding Plan, Special Day Events)

Other Events(Different events specific to your request)

Project management
and Consulting 

Company with tourism and event activities & corporate consultancy service

Enterprise Process Management(Company opening transactions consultancy activities, corporate integration process management)

Project and Event Research Analysis(The right audience analysis for your event projects, pre-project and post-project reporting solutions,   sectoral market research analysis)

Purchasing Management(The finer points of the business and the right purchase recommendations, long-term cost saving strategies)

Content Management
and Strategies

For your events and projects, we provide content services to our customers according to their marketing needs.

Creative Content (Design, social media management, event management, video production, keynote  and executive presentations, copywriting)

Content Strategies(In-depth content analysis, 360 degree event scenario production, sustainable projects and events) 


In your corporate or individual projects, short-term project and operation support is provided remotely, from the office at elbow contact.

Project Support (360 degree turnkey project delivery during your busy periods)

Operations Support(Short-term 360-degree turnkey operation management for events and operations that you cannot attend or spare time for)

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